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Home / Safety / Radio use
Home / Safety / Radio use

Radio use

Rib Call Signs:

Green Safety
Yellow Safety
Blue Safety
Orange Safety
Pink Safety

Pioneer Call Sign:
Red Safety

Other Call Signs:
Stoke Ferry
Beach Master

Starting with the basics of calling someone.

Channel 37a (primary channel) or P4 are our club channels.

Pink Saftey, Pink Saftey, this is Blue Safety, Over.

The called boat responds:

Blue Safety, this is Pink Saftey, Over.

Pass messages with the boat name first:

Pink Saftey can you head to buoy five please, Over,

Blue Safety understood, OUT.

When finished, say "Out." (Not "over and out".)

We need to listen to make sure the channel is clear before starting to talk.

Pressing the "Push to Talk" (PTT) button, then taking a breath, and then starting to talk is a good way to make sure your first words aren't cut off by talking before the button is pushed.

When you finish talking, release the PTT button; you can't hear anything while the button is pressed.

Last updated 15:14 on 3 February 2020

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